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Digital Marketing Plan for Tours and Travel Agency

digirtal marketing aurangabad maharashtra

Anyone else wants SEO tours and travel for local business?

For every Aurangabadkar or Aurangabadi, the proudest moment is when tourists visit the jewels of our city. From the majestic structures of Ajantha-Ellora, picturesque beauty of Bibi-ka-Maqubara & Dualtabad Fort, wonder of hydrology Panchakki, and one among twelve Jyotirlinga- Grishneshwar shrine. The city is the tourist capital of Maharashtra and is known as the city of gates. This can be felt as you drive through the city. The best time to visit the city of gates is between October and March as the city remains pleasant and green during this time.

All this gives a huge opportunity for a local group of travel agency to grab the number of tourists- both local and international visiting the city. But what is the way to attract them to your tours and travel business? Sure, you can go with marketing in and around the city.

digirtal marketing aurangabad maharashtra

But do you know there are other marketing techniques? That can empower you to do more! We bring you the known secret which most of the local businesses ignore. Though initially little investment is needed as you gradually get to know the process, you can do this all by yourself. Pretty fantastic, right!

As the tourist capital, there are a number of tours and travel agents around the city. Visitors in and around the world opt for their service while they are on a tour of the city. Every travel agency targets such customers. But merely word of mouth advertisements or print media’s aren’t enough. For sustaining and progress in this sector, one must look out for profitable and resourceful options.

You might have heard about digital marketing. Social media posting is the regular thing we do every single day. But have you ever thought about its use for your business?

Just like you tell about ourselves on social media platforms like the recent place you visited or the new look you tried or even a restaurant you recently dined. Sharing your travel agency’s uniqueness on social media is one of the forms of digital marketing.

You can go further on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest and so on. The true power of digitally advertising lies in creating a website. If you a local travel agency-not only you can retain current customers but also explore for new leads with digital marketing.

Why travel SEO is important?

If you are the owner or in the business of tours and travel, the first thing you need to understand is the importance of SEO for your business. Also, you need to understand the benefits of SEO for your website and gradually to your business.

Here is the simple plan you can implement on your own:

  • Get your own website

Though you have a physical store, that’s not enough. Most of your prospective leads are out there searching for reliable travel agent based in the city. Especially, foreigners visiting the city are unaware that you are present if your business is not on the internet.

With your own website, you name your travel agency over the internet. What’s even cooler is- the name remains same as that of your business. Design as per wish and develop as per your requirement. Remember- always hire a professional website development company for all your digital needs.

  • Start placing offers on the website and social media

Customers are always looking for offers and deals now and then. If you are having the real deal then start posting seasonal deals on your website’s and social media platforms. You can always get help for the social media consultant near you. So, what are you waiting for? Surf over the internet and get started.

  • List in local directories

Just like a business owner shares a business card with a prospective customer or goes for print media marketing. Similarly, your online tours and travels business needs its own share of “word of mouth”. It’s is always easy to host your business website online. Once hosted, always list your website and your contact information in directories like- justdial, yellow pages, zomato and so on. All this serves as a great touch point for your business with customers contacting these sites for travel agents.

  • Share your own experiences

When you share your own experience with other, instantly there is a connection between you two. This works the same in digital marketing. When customers read your experience, they feel certain kind of trustworthiness. And that my friends, can help you in the long run. Share your story. You can always share tips related to your field. Instead of going for the regular “about us” page show them how you started and what’s you got in there for them.

  • Share what your visitors say about you

The only way to convince other by not convincing them is this method. Share the feedback of your “consumers” felt for your service on your website and on your social media accounts. This definitely boosts up your ratings on social directory giving hints about the good quality of your service.

  • Summing up

If you have followed all the above steps, then don’t stop there. Make your own plans- daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Marketing any business digitally can be a bit unpredictable. You cannot expect it to magically work for you. Highest ranking on search engines and popularity of your website needs constant efforts from your end as well as from the SEO consultant your hire.