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Clinic/Hospital Management System Software

HMS Software

eHMS is set up for healthcare services network partnering with clinics, labs and hospitals. The software allows management of all services and operations of healthcare institution. The application desktop based and is available in SaaS mode. eHMS is used for handling & managing all major laboratory operations, IPD and OPD operations and data effectively.

Benefits of eHMS:-

  • Establish your hospital as technically advanceWith eHMS you get to establish hospital as techno-savvy and modern medical center. Computerized systems maintain error free and well organized is the need of the day.
  • Avoid errors and track every single detail
    In eHMS there is no scope of mistakes. The software minutely captures details of room occupancy, staff availability, operational information, and and so on removing hassles of medical centers and hospitals.
  • Improved clinical decision making
    As information is available at finger tips, faster decision making is possible facilitating single view for doctors and medical support staff.Modules in eHMS:-

    1. Patient registrationeHMS developed by eTCS provides complete assistance in patient management. The patient registration module records information of OPD patients, along with consulting doctor details and referred doctor.
    2. Outpatients
      The outpatient module records consulting details, medicine prescription, lab reports, invoices, deposits and net bills for the outpatients.
    3.  Inpatients
      The inpatients module manages the details of patients who are admitted in the hospital. Details like room & bed admission, transfers, advance payment deposits, medicine bill, lab test, and hospital bills and discharge information are recorded.
    4. Doctors’ details
      Registering the doctors working in hospitals is facilitated in eHMS. The software has the option for assigning consultation charges based on the procedures & department.
    5. Laboratory test details
      The lab module is integrated with the pathology lab & radiology lab that captures information of test performed in systematic manner.
    6. Account details of patients, doctors & hospital
      You get the bifurcated view of account details of patients, doctors and hospitals. The deposits and net bills can be viewed as per doctor who has handles the case.
    7. Enquiry desk with call reports
      You get the detailed view of contact details of both patients and doctors. In this module, you get to manage the emergency contact details at a single point.
    8. Purchase records & report
      The inventory of the clinic/ hospital is managed in this module along with billing from the supplier. You get to maintain a separate entry for the products returned to the supplier.
    9. Medical fitness certificateAs an added functionality, the software is capable of generating medical fitness certificates. The user just has to add details of the person who is applying for the certificate.
    10. Room and Bed allotment
      You get to add details of room & bed available and along with it add pricing for the same. The bed & room status can be changed as per the availability.
    11. Medicine prescription allocation & discharge report
      For allocating the discharge report including prescription and diagnosis by consulting doctor can be captured and managed in this module of the software