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Web Based Applications

During these recent years web based applications got evolved significantly with the improvements in the security and technology. We develop best in class web based applications with the help of latest trending technologies. We make innovative use of technology, so that our interactive web applications produce astounding results. We provide highly secure, interactive web based applications to the small and middle size enterprises.

Web Designing & Development

In recent times–read modern times, the success of a business is significantly related to a website that says all about the business and attracts customers. Additionally, the business gets noticed if the website is dynamically designed to get more views. Responsive and attractive website design plays a vital role as same as that advertising does for a company.

A brand needs to exude credibility and create confidence in buyers’ mind. This will happen only with a good online presence. It is a moot point as to what makes a website attract customers and enhance business. The success of a website is not difficult to achieve, when the time tested procedure is in place backed by striking design, strong overall outlook, seamless performance and real time support.

Markup language, web browser or graphical user interface is technical jargon that goes into the conceptualization and creation of a website. The proper blend of the above process, initiates the planning and execution of the website with overwhelming results.

A perfect web design enthuses a website visitor, who can be a prospective customer. The right perception about the business arouses curiosity to know more about, what customer want and what they actually need. A lot of care has to be taken, for Web Design has to be accurate with necessary commercial information of the business shared with the customers and has to get updated regularly. This transparency builds trust and generates confidence of the business house, online.

Your website must be easy to use and understand, as in today's competitive online environment — attracting visitors, providing a rich user experience and converting them into loyal customers. Our expertise designers and developers make sure that our customers should get best in class interactive websites, loved by everyone or the other…

ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is business process management software with integrated application that helps an organization to manage their business efficiently. It acts as the glue binding the different computer systems of various departments. A perfect ERP system integrates both external and internal information flow used by an organization within a single extensive solution. The true advantage of ERP is its real time info and the prowess to monitor all the business processes or departments through a single source. ERP provided by us are easy to access and user friendly.

Mobile Apps Development

There are more than millions of mobile users and 70% of them use internet on the go. There are over 1 million mobile applications in the market today, performing a huge range of various tasks. A mobile app is a small program or software that resides on a Smartphone, using various operating systems like IOS, Android, windows etc. We can utilize the power of today’s smartphones, with help mobile apps, which can do some really unimaginable great things. You can use mobile apps for letting you know what’s going on in the world, calculating exchange rates, movie or show timings, social media interactions, getting alerts about traffic, providing entertainment, ticket booking, booking hotel rooms, shopping, selling etc. Mobile app helps you to connect with a large amount of population and resulting in heavy traffic. ETCSFZC provides best quality and cost effective Mobile Application Development in the Middle East, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and South Africa.


E-commerce also termed as electronic commerce, is nothing but any type of business that involves commercial transaction across the Internet. E-commerce allows consumers to buy goods and services electronically with no barriers of time and distance. Over the last few years e-commerce expanded rapidly with a boom in online sales. By using e-commerce anyone can create their own online store, but the thing is that they should know the principles of e-commerce properly. So we are there to provide highly secure, well designed, responsive, e-commerce websites that will create a brand value for your business or online store. It is operated with four types of major market segments such as business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), consumer to consumer (C2C) and consumer to business (C2B). Almost all kinds of products and services can be offered through e-commerce.

Online Marketing (SEO/SEM/SMO)

Online Marketing or Internet Marketing, which is an effort of advertising and promoting through the web by using emails and search engines. Online marketing is further divided into SEO, SEM, and SMO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Optimization. It is a type of marketing that uses different forms of internet marketing which includes, banner advertising, pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization campaigns, email marketing campaigns and social media promotions. The main advantage of online marketing is that you can track your advertising, traffic growth, leads and sales results, which are illustrated with detailed graphics that are easy to understand. Online marketing overcomes all the barriers of distance and increase your reach to the customers. It is obvious that online marketing campaigns do not require huge investment and allows the companies to save lots of money, an aspect considered by companies to the most. ETCSFZC provides best quality and cost effective Online Marketing (SEO/SEM/SMO) services in the Middle East, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and South Africa.

LMS- Library Management System

Library Management System is integrated software that manages the coherent catalog of a library. Specially designed and developed by eTCS, one of the prestigious software companies in UAE and India. It is customizable, easy to use software that caters all the needs of the librarians of the schools, colleges and universities. Being a cloud based library management system it can keep and maintain the complete track record of the available as well as issued books in the library.

Specials Features:

  • Barcode Integration
  • SMS Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • All type of Reports
  • One Stop Verification Procedure


  • Acquisition

  • Circulation

  • Serials Control

  • OPAC

  • Verification

  • Administration

Acquisition Module:

  • Master Entries are made in this section for books and member data.
  • Group/Bulk edit of books or members is also provided.
  • Multiple reports are available in this module. These are useful for Daily reporting like daily issue return report, fine collection, list of defaulter members(books not return after due date) and many more. Other reports are also available for the use of different committees.
  • Book Barcode Label Printing, Member Barcode Label printing for operational accuracy on day to day note.
  • Approval module for list of new books to be procured as requested by library members/staff/students.

Circulation Module:

  • This module is the most frequently used in any library.
  • We have taken care of Ease of use for Librarian/Book Issuer with a very friendly User Interface.
  • Auto population of details of book and member upon scanning Barcode Label at the time of Issue/Return.
  • 3 step issue of books and 2 steps while returning the books.
  • Fine Collection from Members for Overdue Book issue/return as per Customized member issue limit (as per member entry form).
  • Three types of issue/return of books (Weekly, Reading room and Book bank issue/return).
  • New member entry form
  • Check Fine amt and Books Overdue for Return for NOC in the academic year.
  • Defaulters list

OPAC Module (Online Public Access Catalog)

  • Most Useful Module for all members/students/staff.
  • In this module any member can search for books: by title, author wise (and many more options). The member will be provided with rack and shelf number, availability to avoid delay and improved time savings for all. (This system will be available on mobile app).
  • Dedicated Administrative Search options for Librarian and Issuer to pull details of members & Issue/Return search.
  • Member details / Book Details on tip of fingers, in seconds
  • Administrative Issue/Return search between dates is available Librarian can get data of issue books (daily, weekly, monthly basis). Printable reports for the same are also available.
  • New Book Request form available for members. This allows members also to request the for New Arrivals/Latest books. Subject to Management approval.

Administration Module:

  • This module of eCTS-LMS is for Exclusive User Management
  • Update Update College / Institute details
  • Group level Permissions.

Serial Control

  • News papers / magazines
  • Reporting system available


  • Accuracy of Audit/Verification through eCTS-LMS is 100%
  • Audit/ Book Verification in a time efficient manner resulting into a large amount man hour savings and limited staff requirements. (E.g. We have results from our clients showing 60000 books were verified in week with help of 4 members only)
  • Verification report available.

CRM- Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is software that enhances operational efficiency, growth strategies, productivity and customer satisfaction. By using our CRM companies can manage, analyze, data and record customer interactions. The software is designed to compile the details of customers across various channels. It consolidates customer information into a single database, so that a business user can access the information easily and manage the customer. It also records the customer interactions in real time. Our CRM helps you to provide better customer services by keeping an up to date track record of customer interactions. It is easy to access and user friendly, so that you could manage your work efficiently.

Web Hosting

Web hosting solutions provided by ETCSFZC are most reliable, safe, highly secured. We provide hosting for all types small to mid-sized businesses and also to the individuals who are looking for affordable web hosting services. Whether you are an expert internet pro, or just an armature starting out with a first website no matter what, our well experienced, professional staff will be always there to assist you. We use latest server technologies and data center to ensure that our clients get the best of the best outputs and uninterrupted services to their websites. Our web hosting services will cater your all the hosting needs.

Content Writing (English)

We are well known for creating 100% unique, original and plagiarism free content with good quality. It is said that the Content is the king and it makes your online presence more remarkable. It will help you in your online marketing efforts, by attracting and engaging customers daily. Content is an important aspect in making your website as a brand. The relevance of the content ensures your success levels by getting relevant traffic to your website. Getting traffic through search engine optimization (SEO), online advertisements and other organic methods you require a good content. Our well structured keyword rich content helps you in improving your website’s search engine rankings. In order to get higher rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. you need unique optimized web content and we provide well researched, interesting content that your readers will love to read and share.