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5 interesting web design facts you need to know

etcspl web design

So all of us know what a website is, and from every five businesses on earth three of them own a website. From this, you get the idea the number of people is engaged in the web technology sector. As the technology is changing every single day so is the web design process. You will be amazed to know that every single minute half of the world’s population browses the website, review products, posts on social channels and what not. This gives you & your business website ample amount of opportunities to mark online presence.

etcspl web design

However, to mark your digital identity is not that easy. The cut-throat competition between similar businesses makes it difficult to penetrate the layers of a targeted customer base. Of course, there are various aspects that can ameliorate you from this barrier. For this, we will need to get behind the scene of the website. Just like any product launched in the market, a website after launching is assessed by loading time, display of content, website code, and mobile responsiveness. These are factors which affect the user experience for your website.

  • Website look changes on different websites

For this, you can check your website on different browsers. You will notice few differences. This is because each browser whether of desktop or mobile will interpret & load code in a specific order. This makes it difficult for web designers & developer to create uniform user experience across all channels. That is the reason why you must hire a web designing agency with the expertise of HTML & CSS standards.

  • Search engine ranking is affected by website source code

Search engines add new traffic to your website and get your website noticed among the crowd. When people search for keywords in any search engine, they expect to find what they are looking for. And if your business has a potential for the keyword the user is searching for, but you get outranked then there is no use of your online presence.

Hence, the way your website is coded matters the utmost. From the title of the web page in the search results to the Meta description of your site that appears below the title in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), affects your website performance. So while hiring a web developer or agency you must ask about SEO website design.

  • Launch your website as MVP

This fact can be valuable for the websites that are still under construction. A minimum viable product website can primarily consist of the home, about us, product, service and contact pages.

So by launching an MVP website you work on other parts of your site and gain valuable benefits. Even a small live site will get your brand name in front of your audience. And you can use insights from web analytics as well as user comments to further refine the look and feel of your site.

  • Responsive design & mobile design talks about two different traits

Many people often get confused between responsive design & mobile design of a website. A responsive design of a website allows itself to resize and reflow their layout based on the visitor’s screen size. When you are given the option to choose between, responsive website design is a smart choice to simply adapt to changing web environment.

  • Templates and builders restrict your website options

Many people turn to website builders and templates as an “easy way out.” Pre-packaged templates and website builders allow anyone to create a website with little to no coding knowledge. But the thing is templates and builders restrict your website options.