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Common App Designs Challenges and its Solutions

Common App Designs Challenges and its Solutions

The success of an app’s design phase determines everything about it. All other components of the design fall into place simply and effortlessly when an app is designed correctly.

It’s critical to understand the dangers of app design and the usual hurdles you can experience in the process. If you want to avoid such problems or overcome design challenges with your app.

1: Compatibility

On his smartphone, an average user has around 80 apps installed. Some of these apps may rely on the use of other apps. A restaurant app, for example, might need Google maps to improve delivery routes.

If the map functions fail, a dependency error occurs, which reflects poorly on the restaurant app. This is why you should thoroughly evaluate the app’s compatibility with other apps before releasing it.


Examine the implementation of your app design using the greatest compatibility-testing tools. Both platform and software compatibility testing can benefit from these technologies.

2: Difficulties with the User Interface 

It is critical to build a visually appealing user interface. That isn’t to say you have to use every ounce of your imagination. An interface must be designed in such a way that it is straightforward and easy to use for app users.


Make sure that any changes to your user interface’s design are definitely necessary before proceeding. Limit the number of displays in your app, keep the UI as simple as feasible, and make it simple to use and navigate.

3: Copying and Pasting Other Mobile Apps 

While we all get inspiration from existing apps, that doesn’t imply you should copy the design of a competitor’s app to the letter. Users may quickly recognize copies of your software, which can have a negative impact on your business and users’ engagement with it.


Instead of their designs, adopt the design best practices from competitors’ apps. Simply doing so will suffice in resolving the problem.

4: Lack of Consistency in Design 

Each screen of your mobile app should be uniform and functional. Ensure that the visual design of your app is similar across all devices and that the backdrop color is appropriate for your app.


Take design cues from your company’s logo. Make sure your app has a clean, straightforward design that fits the app’s function and is compatible with the operating systems of the devices it runs on.

The above-mentioned challenges are the common areas where designers and developers normally face issues, but they can be overcome with solutions.