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Common misconceptions while designing a website

website design facts

Website designing required skill and processes in the production and maintenance of the website. Generally, for marketing your business to a larger audience a website is used. Due to the rise in using social networking for business, it makes a huge impact on your business marketing strategy.

If one is technically sound they will know that website designing all started with HTML and tables, gradually progressed to CSS. Now there are all sorts of variations of languages that make this profession completely open. This openness of web designing results in much misinformation regularly hitting the internet.

website design facts

There are various myths that are regularly hitting the internet. This post explores some common beliefs of non-tech savvy business people about website design.  SO instead of micromanaging every detail, you need to trust your developer/ designer.

  • Immediate response required from the designer you hired

Web designers choose this as a career because they have a passion for web design. A designer should be able to tell you his or her work schedule is like. Just like you want your time respected, your design team wants it respected as well. Make sure to ask about everyone’s hours before the project begins so you know the best time to ask for changes and when you can expect an update and response.

  • Website once done means job is done

The website needs to be continuously updated with recent technology changes. Website content and SEO standards are always in flux, so your website will need to be frequently updated and maintained if you want to stay in the top ranks.

  • Dictate every detail to the designer

Most of the times the entrepreneurs think they get to call the shots! Web developers have more experience in the technical and creative aspects of designs. They know what they are doing and what is best for your company. Their job is to take the vision for the company and turn it into a user experience website.

  • Web design shouldn’t cost so much

One of the most important aspects is that website design shouldn’t cost so much. One might think that web design should be cheap and looks easy to create. Unfortunately not many understand the talent needed to create such a gorgeous website.  You should think of your website an investment- after all, you get what you pay for.