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Implementing Motion Graphics in Content Marketing

Implementing Motion Graphics

There are six vital reasons why you should opt for Motion Graphics in your content marketing.

Presenting products in a dynamic format means engaging viewers and in modern business, it has become inevitable to have video even for the smallest enterprise for profitability and consider the ROI. Besides, now the cost of producing the professional-looking brand film is not expensive either. This medium is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing strategies in recent times.

Maintain caution! Do not get overexcited and lose self-control when presented with enormous watch numbers; since there are several other businesses that are also following video medium. But you have to be noticeable and distinct among the competitors! That is your aim.

The distinguishing factors that govern your overall presentation are motion graphics encompassing everything from 3D to stop motion animation which also is a diverse and incredibly effective form of video marketing that aids your video content to really make heads turn.

Implementing Motion Graphics

The Advantages - Motion Graphics & Live Video

Let us find out the vital elements as to why animation stands out as a powerful and engaging medium, in comparison with the traditional ‘live’ filming.  Following advantages are worth debatable

Boosts Brand Recall

Naturally, the visually engaging and stylized nature of motion graphics is always appealing, thereby making it easy for your audience to recall your brand and your message. Although your audience might not convert at that very moment, if you make the right use of animation, it would leave quite an impression; they are likely to return to see more content. A recent study shows that if your audience enjoys your video advertisements, the brand association will be boosted somewhere around 140% and their purchasing intent may be over 95%. Quite amazing stats isn’t it?

Emotionally Engaging

Animation has the power, if properly created, to move you emotionally; just as much as any live-action films. One may laugh and cry at monster movies or at any CGI created movies because of the creative treatment that touches one's heart. Therefore it is a fundamental rule that the animation should be passionately created in order to boost your product image in the minds of your customers.

Enhance Style Control

Motion graphics offer great liberty of control over the style of your film that even live-action videos simply cannot even imagine. This gives you the grip to control your story and messaging to fall in place effectively. It could be through a cleverly created graphical transitions or bright hue of brash color pallets, vignettes, etc. Here you are at liberty to play around and can really use motion graphics to stamp your brand image, a niche benchmark brand, and style into your customer's mind.

Make Heads Turn

The ever-evolving and rapid-paced characteristics of technological advancement, particularly in the digital field have resulted in the dramatic reduction of our attention spans. All the same, when a lengthy article is not going to be effective, one needs to make optimal use of a terse, attention-grabbing medium. Bingo…a few frames of animated video can brilliantly and effectively communicate what an entire paragraph of text could have done, nevertheless, through the skillful use of imagery, narration, and on-screen text.

Responsive& Multi-Device Content

In recent times, the consumer content consumption behavior is not constant, it is changing. We have gradually moved to Smartphones and Tablets in place of desktops and laptops for convenience, haven’t we? Over 90% of us watch video content on our mobile devices regularly. One of the primary benefits of creating animated video is its capability to be played on any device. This creates a range of opportunities for you to reach your target audience any time anywhere.

Limitless Imagination

You have a wide playing field in terms of imagination for creating motion graphics that give you total creative control of your brand film in every sense. Without the need to be concerned about the budget, constraints of the cast, sets or even the laws of physics, the possibilities of what you can do in an animated film are literally endless and unimaginable. In general, the conventional filmmaker will always be worried about budget when working with lots of artistes or filming in exotic or dangerous locations, animators can create all these in the comfort of their computer.


From the above six points, you may want to look distinct for the right reasons and therefore it is essential that you have to be wary of not falling into the mundane trap of creating generic content that may have been created by many other brands in the past. Thus, you should take time and passionately visualize animation for developing your own style that presents your values, brand, and the right narrative. When you get the whole thing right with motion graphics, you are ensuring that your video content represents your brand and becomes recognizable overnight.
It has become a necessity to create a great look and to feel with your animated brand videos.  With boundless imagination of beautiful vistas, fascinating environments, captivating characters as you bring all of them to life over and over again.  This will help you establish an indelible and far-reaching brand identity mark in the minds of your customers.