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Do you know the vital elements of web design template should look like?

elements of web design

10 Vital Elements of Design

The good design appeals to everyone but it is difficult to define what good design is in actual terms.  In short, it should delight and appear pleasing to the viewers when they open the website.  When we look at examples of great designs, we come across some vital elements which are considered to be important for a good design.

elements of web design

We are exploring these elements in isolation not just the design but how it is going to be productive for your business.

  • Tools

Talking about advancement in technologies it is amazing to note the innovation in software technology.  This, in turn, augments human intelligence thereby allowing us to create things from our imagination.

  • Experience

Go to think, the design is not just about the creation of an object.  It also involves the way that creation makes us feel or think about and even for that matter make us contemplate.  It is all about human response to the usual mundane things we make for the world.

  • Systems

Technology has become complex incommensurate with the demands of modern times.  New systems and approaches design; which are sustainable design, design computation; integrative design, bio-mimicry, and crowdsourcing are created and developed to help overcome complicated challenges, globally.

  • Emotional Appeal

How will it make people feel? How will it look? How will it work? Will people like it? Will the design be acceptable? These questions put one in quandary. Today we are gradually more designing for like-minded people with an aim to target emotional aspects of design and we are successful.

  • Sustainability

The mantra of the sustainable-design movement is: “It is not a good design if it is bad for the planet”, this encourages designers to consider the impact their creations will have on the environment and people in general.

  • Growth

Great design and real innovation work in sync have turned into a powerful competitive gain for businesses that have understood how to do it consistently.

  • Function

Apart from design which is considered to be about form, style, and how things appear, it is also equally very much about function.  With new technologies in place, it is necessary to make it possible to develop new functions; this is now very appropriate depending upon the needs.

  • Aesthetics

Competing on price and features of products is no longer adequate. The power of brand beauty is intensely illustrated by the success of companies like Apple, Samsung etc.

  • Impetus

Have we ever given a thought as to how do well-known designers generate all those great ideas? Perhaps by asking: What if?  By making unexpected connections. Mostly they do the following: By applying new technologies, by turning to nature, by crowd-sourcing and open innovation etc.

  • Process

The design processes are being transformed by new technologies, which is the way things actually get done.  New approaches can radically alter traditional design phases, workflows, time-frames, roles and results.