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Logo Design concepts for IT start-ups and clients

logo and theme design aurangabad

It is a challenge to impress a client with logo designs and as a designer, you may get to the level of frustration explaining the different logo ideas.  You yourself need stability in order to make your client understand and appreciate the nitty-gritty of the logo. As a designer, you have to make the client realize that the design of the logo is relevant to the products and services the client deals in.

logo and theme design aurangabad
By the way, it is not likely that all clients will have a perfect idea of how a logo design is created; some may have a fair idea, some may make pretensions. Nevertheless, it becomes the duty of the designer to make them understand. As a designer, you have to burn the midnight oil in order to influence your client.

By and large, all clients need to be among the best.  They want to make the logo visible, always! Designing becomes a herculean task particularly when the client has no clarity. He may put you on a difficult task to get more than one concept in order to pick the best. Some clients are fastidious in order to pick the best, many takes and retakes may need to be considered before the final product.

In view of the above, how many logo concepts should you present to your clients or is there a thumb rule to follow?

We at eTCS would advocate only one. Even a lot of professional designers over there would agree that one logo concept is enough.  But how to explain to the client is the contentious issue.

  • Selection Problem

Perhaps your clients are spoilt for choice when you present them with multiple logo concepts. In this way, it becomes all the more difficult for you as well as for your clients to decide the right logo. However, as any designer will indicate that designing a logo that meets varied expectations is not an easy job.  The main aim of your logo is to serve as a visual mark of your brand which showcases your company’s message.

Similarly, the client will be awestruck by the number of logo designs that you present.  If you have scores of great ideas up your sleeve, with varying designs and combination, you unknowingly create a difficult situation for you and your client.  It is indeed a frustrating situation.

Despite your efforts, the client still may not be able to decide and choose what he finally wants. Some clients apparently are too confused and fussy to select the right logo that they end up picking different element and color from different sources resulting in mashed up logo parts that may not hit the target of your client’s business.

  • ­Client Justification

Quite often clients themselves may request for different concepts for their logo which cannot be avoided. eTCS understands the expectations of the clients even though they may have taken the services of unprofessional designers and their methods of showing different designs in the past. Logos are available dime a dozen online, but it may seem cheap and clients may also think to be the common practice for the industry.

Evidently, unprofessional designers are not competent to create a process that delivers effectively even a single concept or idea.  The customers are not qualified to understand and they demand the designs as per their whims. The designers apparently present erroneously created designs as per the clients’ choice which may not be suitable for their products. The output may not be corresponding with the products and services of the clients.

If you go to see, on the whole, all the efforts, project cost and the final output is not effective.  The so-called professional designers, in many cases, are technicians, having been in the industry for long.  They can offer only options as per the clients’ requirement, who is any way novice in the subject, and not concrete solutions.

We at eTCS go into the nitty-gritty of the demands of our clients. As our policy necessitates educating them first before we embark on the project.