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Must have WordPress plug-in for new site

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WordPress is the world’s best and most famous content management system holding 30% of the market share. It allows you to manage your website content as well as your website. Today there are thousands of plug-in are available, here is the list of the few most important plug-in that every new website must have-

1.Elementor Page Builder: WordPress is an incredible content management system but it has a basic page builder. It requires HTML and CSS coding to make your web page more attractive, but there is a drawback as it requires a huge amount of time to code a beautiful website. To avoid that, Elementor Page Builder was introduced. It allows you to build attractive pages with blocks, modules, sections, and widgets. Moreover, you can integrate pre-made templates.

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2.Monster Insights: In this data-driven economy, data tracking is essential for every website to improve and grow. Several tools help you track your visitor’s behaviors and interests while scrolling your website. These tools help you improve your website content and navigation that enhance user experience. Google analytics tool is one of the best tools to track audience behaviors. With the help of the MonsterInsights plug-in, you can manage Google analytics. And, it can be managed through your WordPress dashboard.

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3.Yoast SEO: In the internet world it’s a race for businesses to become on the top of Google search results. That a website needs to be optimized as per search engine. Here comes the role of Search Engine Optimization. Yoast SEO is a plug-in that helps you optimize your website as per search engine requirements. It has made the complex SEO process simpler.

4.Smush Image Compression & Optimization: To make your website attractive graphics are essential. It is said by the top marketers that an image is equivalent to ten thousand words. But, high-quality images slow down the website. To compress the image here is the top plug-in that helps you compress and optimize website images. Your images will compress automatically after uploading to the website.

WPForms: Forms are the best option to collect the data of your audience. WPForms is one of the easiest plug-in that you can build a form by just dragging and dropping elements. This plug-in is extremely user-friendly and has many powerful features.

All of these tools are essential for every website as these tools perform basic functions that every website requires. Whether you are building a new website or improving your existing website. These plug-in are mandatory.