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Why do you need Design Sprint?

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As Steve Jobs once quoted- Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, a design is how it works.

And for organizations who are engaged in creative advertising success is not about capital, it is about the design. For an innovative design, it is better to follow sprint led development.

Now you will be wondering how sprint helps in designing phase. Actually, a lot. This is a proven method to jumpstart with designing your product. This consists of five days process. From creating new product & service or re-design existing one and even adding new features to the existing product & service, design sprint works on all.

What happens in design sprint?

Generally, for digital solution design sprint focus on research and collaborative design. This five days process focuses users, prototyping ideas and strategy to confirm them. By using design sprint, you get to dig deeper in the problem, rapidly derive many solutions and choose the best ideas among them. As you build the prototype from it you get the benefit to know what works & what not. There goes long benefit of design sprint.

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  • Get user feedback at the primary stage

As the products are field tested at primary stage, this increases the products/ services confidence in the market. This step comes at the fifth day where a one-to-one interview is held and each comment for every aspect is recorded by the team. This is the fastest, cheapest and innovative way to build your product.

  • Fewer errors, more speed & mockups

You get to test your products at a very early stage. This reduces the risk of error occurring at the later stage of the product development. According to a study, by following the design sprint process there is 50% less chances of occurring errors in the later phase of product development. It is proven that team gets to understand the product better resulting in intensive and rapid learning.

  • Simplified details to create final product

The important reason behind creating sprint is determine the entire complex problems in the product & service and convert them into solutions. This enables them to end the miscommunication between parties involved.

So summing up, a design sprint will help you to answer every critical business question.