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Digital Restaurant Menu

Choose eTCS QR Code Digital Menu
Digital Restaurant Menu - eTCS


Make your guests feel more comfortable Enhance your guest experience with eTCS QR Powered digital menu. Allow your guests to browse through your digital menu with your logo order, place their orders and pay for the bill to avoid mistakes and reduce time. Your staff will have more time for hospitality.

How Do I Use the QR Code?

QR codes, also known as quick response codes can be a fantastic method of adding options. They are small QR codes that you scan with a smartphone’s camera. They can be used to add additional functionality as well. For example, you could add a QR Code to your menu and then scan it will open your menu using digital formats.

1. Registration or Log-In
2. Analytics and Insights
3. Edit, add or view the menu
4. Create your QR Code menu
5. You can add special discounts or specials offers
6. Share your Menu with your customers


Trustingby the leading technologies all over the word!

Why choose eTCS QR Code Digital Menu?

1. Dynamic QR codes
2. Scan Tracking
3. Elegant Designs
4. Table Turnover Increased
5. Low Maintenance Cost
6. Easily updating
7. Eliminate Human Power
8. Branding
9. Digital Print
10. You can download designs in PDF, Webp, JPG, or PNG formats.


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