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The Impossible Question: How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

The Impossible Question: How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

The question is how much time it will take to build a website. The answer will depend upon what type of website you are looking for. So let us look at different types of websites and estimate how much time they will take to launch

Simple or small website

So let’s begin with the simple and small website you see online. A simple website means that it has a few pages with its own content. They don’t have any advanced features. This website is usually built between one or two months. To look professional and to incorporate pages, content, 1 to 2 months is needed. But if you are using a premade template, this can really speed up your process and save a lot of your time. This template already has the functionality. But yes with it you can sometimes lack the exact look and functionality you desire for your website.

A small to medium-sized website

These websites are those websites that have between 5 to 10 pages. But not so complex with advanced features. This website is basically a large version of small websites and can typically take between two to three months if you are developing it on your own

Large size website having numerous features with complexity

Large development projects will often require a lot of features, integration systems, databases, and inventory systems. These websites require hundreds of content, simplified product pages and you can imagine how complex these websites are. These websites require approximately 6 months to launch with a professional look. These websites have well-designed themes and a user-friendly experience on all the pages.

So these are the rough estimates of the time. Of course, this time frame can be shortened, if you are using professional web design services. Moreover, if you are going to hire a professional web design company, the quality will get better too.