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The graphic designers focus on creating graphics, typography, color theory, visual hierarchy, and layouts to present an idea. They work on creating more digital assets for webs and emails.


Web designers focus on the process of designing the visual look and feel of a website. They plan the wireframe layout; organize content, and images in a way that they tell a story.

graphics design
They both seem the same but there are a few differences between both of them that are explained below:

Technical skills: It is the main difference between the web designer and the graphic designer. Mostly, the web designer needs to focus on the HTML, CSS, and how a design should be made to work on the web. During web designing, there are some constraints like file size and load time but the graphic designer can customize its designs without any limitations.

Dynamic vs. static: Graphic designing has its involvement in physical media, such as magazines and printed media. While web designing has its focus on digital media. It simply means that graphic design is static in nature and web design is dynamic.

Scale and ratio: Graphic designers may find it easy to provide material as the size of the page rarely changes. But web designers have to consider those designs only that can be handled on every screen, whether on large computer screens or small smartphones.

DPI and pixel dimensions: Web designers are concerned with file size; therefore, the images need to be sized down. On the other hand, the file size does not matter in graphic design. The images used for web designing should not exceed 72 DPI while the printed photos can be made up to 300 DPI.

So here is the difference between both, web design and graphic design.