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WordPress v/s Joomla

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Provision To Extend Your Website With Joomla & WordPress; How

While on the subject, you may wish to know whether WordPress and Joomla offer add-ons to enable you to extend your site. Certainly, they offer multiple add-ons which will find appropriate utility for your site.

Functionality:– WordPress calls plugins and Joomla calls extensions

Aesthetics:– Themes and templates terms known by WordPress and Joomla respectively.

Both the platforms have multiple varieties of extensions or plugins to offer, but WordPress walks away with the cake in terms of numbers.

Wodpress Web Design

WordPress:- Number of Plugins and Themes

  • As per the last count, official directory somewhere around 55,000 + free plugins in addition to premium plugins running into thousands are available.
  • Over 5,000 + free themes plus thousands of premium themes are available.

Joomla:- Number of Extensions and Templates

Currently Joomla has an approximate 8000 + extension as stated in the official Joomla extension library.  As there is no official Joomla template library to find out the current Joomla templates, for the purpose of records, Google search renders a wealth of premium Joomla templates.

Are WordPress & Joomla Platforms Secured?

Needless to say, the central software of both the premium content management systems is secure. In fact, each platform features third-party plugins or extensions for additional security protocol.  It is easy in-dashboard update systems for keeping everything updated.

Having said that, security issues are bound to occur as each platform is extensible and human error cannot be ruled out either.

It has been found that Joomla sites are prone to a greater degree of hacking in comparison to their market share.  Moreover, in most of the situations, there is nothing characteristic about each that makes one platform more secure or less secure. At the same time, WordPress accounted for approx. 74% of the hacked websites which amounts to approx.25% larger than its market share.

However, even with this pitfall, WordPress fared much better than Joomla.

Joomla Security

According to a study, Joomla sites accounts for approx. 17% of all the hacked websites which translates into 132% higher than Joomla’s 7.3% market share. It is interesting to note that during the time of infection; approx. 84% of the hacked sites of Joomla were running out dated software in comparison to 61% for WordPress sites:

Migrate to WordPress from Joomla

If your current content management system is Joomla and you are planning to migrate to WordPress, we advise the following plugins:

  • CMS2CMS Automated Joomla to WordPress Migration
  • FG Joomla to WordPress

Which is better? Joomla v/s WordPress?

This is a moot point as both CMS platforms have their set of advantages and neither is

cent percent perfect technically in all situations.

On the contrary you question should be “for specific needs of the website, which

platform is better for me”.

For most situations, your default choice should be WordPress for the majority of

Websites, as:

  • Particularly for non-developers, it is most user-friendly content management system.
  • You could save on time and money and get an attractive website instantly active.
  • You can find free and professional help if you run into any firewalls.

Joomla can offer you more flexibility for displaying different types of content and managing users if you are a developer or even willing to hire one.

However, it is pertinent to consider that the market share of Joomla is descending while it is not with Drupal and WordPress.

An evolving content management system needs to be considered for the future as Joomla still holds the second position.

Your suggestions and comments are welcome; do you agree or disagree on Joomla v/s WordPress after going through the above.