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How To Unlock the Power of Small Business Storytelling

How To Unlock the Power of Small Business Storytelling

The effectiveness of small business storytelling is impossible to deny. The most common method of transmitting customs, beliefs, and significant family history is through storytelling. Given how powerful tales are, it only makes sense to utilize the potential of small-company storytelling in your marketing.

Helpful stories for small company storytelling
  • What served as the motivation for your offering?
  • When you encountered it, were you resolving a dilemma?
  • Does it relate to a particular culture or geographical area?
  • What distinguishes your offering from others?
  • What distinguishes it from other choices that are offered?
  • What advantages does using it bring about?

You may go even further and develop tales for each of your service and product descriptions.

How to Begin Telling Stories for Your Small Business

It would help if you asked yourself the following questions before starting a new story:

Who is my audience? 

It is vital to understand your reader. A buyer persona may be a term you are familiar with. Before you work on any further brand message, if you haven’t already, you should take the time to build a buyer persona.

What is known about me by my audience already? 

It’s essential to consider the context in this case. What is already known by the audience about you, your company, and your goods and services?

It’s reasonable to presume that leads and prospects don’t know much about you, so you should provide them context in your tale to prevent them from being perplexed.

What do I want people to do after hearing or reading my story? 

This relates to the idea of SMART objectives, a crucial subject in and of itself.

Please list everything you want your audience to do after hearing your narrative before you sit down to write it or record it. Can they:

  • Press a button
  • see a video
  • study a publication
  • Complete a form
  • Buy something
  • Schedule a meeting
  • I’ll call you